Creative Boudoir Photography

Creative Boudoir Photoshoots take traditional Boudoir Photo Sessions and kick them up a notch or ten. Are you looking for something that is equal parts crazy, unique and beautiful – Look No Further!

My Creative Boudoir Sessions are unique stand-alone boudoir photoshoots and aren’t considered traditional boudoir photography, but more like boudoir with a twist! I love pushing the envelope and coming up with new and creative ideas. Whether you want to heat things up with a fire painting session, get super cool with Dry Ice Photography, or submerge yourself in an underwater boudoir photo session- I am always down!

Do you have a crazy idea? Let’s Hear it!

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This Can Be You

Traditional Boudoir Gallery

My natural light boudoir studio is the perfect place to re-discover yourself!

attractive woman in red lingerie in front of a large waterfall during an outdoor boudoir photography session near ithaca, ny.
Outdoor Boudoir Gallery

From the top of a mountain to under the water, Outdoor is where its at!

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Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional session at my Syracuse Boudoir Studio or you’d rather explore your beauty in nature, I’ve got you covered!

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